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A new concept in modern Publishing.


.Charlotte Greene operates in the modern, electronic world, where copy does not take weeks to be inspected by 'editors' in double-spaced, printed form.

If we look at your work, we will reply within days.

Other Services Include

  • Copy editing
  • Ghost writing
  • Illustrations
  • Print book formatting
  • EPUB formatting
  • Addition to our publishing catalogue


Your book remains your copyright, sending it to us leaves a checkable trail.

Charlotte Greene

Helping self-publishing authors get there books to market

For Authors

As author, you will have spent many months perfecting your manuscript, but you know it can be improved. You may need help with the book content, or somebody to design a cover, provide maps or illustrations for the interior. You may need help self-publishing, as even Amazon, the simplest, can be confusing and awkward for a first timer. Each major online retailer has its own idiosyncrasies; Lulu for instance want a strange size cover.

This is where we come in. We will assist you by offering a choice of editors and graphic artists who can bring your book to market.For this we charge reasonable fees, which are decided between the author and freelancer.

Sounds simple? It is simple, so send us your initial enquiry via our contact form, which is an anti-spam measure. We will reply quickly, and if interested ask for your query letter, or move forwards if more suitable.

For Freelancers

We are looking to increase our pool of freelancers, so please contact us if you would like the chance to register with us. You will receive your own page where you can display your work, and market yourself. We would wish to vet your work first, before inclusion, as we have a high standard and reputation to maintain.

In many ways, this works in a similar way to Elance, but is dedicated only to books and self-publishing authors, and to date, fiction only.


Charlotte Green are into fiction, and are especially interested in the following:

  • Science Fiction.
  • Science Fantasy.
  • Urban fiction / YA.
  • Mystery thrillers.
  • Who-done-it.

We have no hard and fast rule on what we will, and will not look at. An original and interesting plot goes a long way with us.


Electronic submissions of complete manuscript are accepted, if requested by us, after initial review.

Full details on our Submissions Page.

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